Høyt og lavt - Kristiansand

We have activities tailored to you and your friends, family, companies and other groups such as school classes and sports teams.

Great experiences not far from Kristiansand

Climbing parks, like many other activities, are about having fun, but unlike many others, they are suitable for everyone!

We offer

Season pass
Birthday celebration
Activities for goups
Fjellvåken zipline
Bachelor party

Frequently asked questions

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Fjellvåken Zipline

We at Høyt & Lavt Kristiansand have built what we believe is Norway’s most thrilling zip line.

Our 500 meter high speed zip line, with its 65 meters in height difference, will allow you to dive at speeds up to 80 km / h. Prepare yourself for experiencing the outdoors form a different point of view!

Learn more about it here.

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