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Action guaranteed on the water with ListaSurfing

With Lista Surfing you are guaranteed action on the water! Salt water, white beaches and sparkling experiences

Waves or wind, one of the parts is almost always found on Lista, one of Norway's most exposed and majestic coastlines.

Regardless of whether surfing or windsurfing is your favourite, there is therefore always action on the water with Lista Surfing. With us you get the chance to go out to sea in a safe environment, experience the North Sea’s forces on your body and enjoy the incredible feeling of gliding over the sea with only nature as your engine.

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Book your experience by sending us a request by e-mail and letting us know of any special wishes or needs.

Surf camp

At surf camp you are guaranteed to get action on the water!

There are not always enough waves on Lista, but there is a bit of wind almost every day. If there are waves, we can surf, and if there are not enough waves, we can stand on a windsurfing board.

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Phone: +47 48 18 01 87

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