Norway’s most spectacular bungy jump?

Juvet Bungy

Juvet - the gorge, is a deep, wild and beautiful scar deep in the landscape.

The setting is unlike scenery you find elsewhere in this part of Norway, with the steep ending in the wild rapids of the river below.

At Juvet Bungy, you will venture out on a 40 meter long suspension bridge hanging freely in the air! At the end, you will look down into the majestic waterfall below! Now, it’s only you, the bungy cord, and 57 meters of air that matters! 

You throw yourself out and feel that you die, before you realize that you live! Suddenly you understand why birds are singing when the fly! You just want to do it over and over agian. Pure adrenaline, pumed straight into your blood, to fell that you live! That is Juvet Bungy!

All safety processes and procedures, are based on New Zealands’s internationally recognized “Code Of Practice” for Bungy Jumping.

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Here, engineering and nature experience meet in perfect harmony, and fuse together to give you the perfect backdrop for what could be the fiercest extreme sports moment of your life!
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